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How it started....

My name is Susan Sparks.  Hawkslair Bullies came into the world in 2005, with my first litter.  All pups are raised in my kitchen.  I'm there to help mom with feedings and cleaning up the pups. I calm down first time moms, who always ask the question, "Where did these little guys come from?" After about 24 hrs, mom gets the answer.
I live in Sonoma, California. I have 2 partners, Stephanie Owens and Diane Collings, who share my love for these wonderful, loving dogs. And a special friend, Doreen Hodgin, who got me started. My dog family is: Roscoe age 9, Thea age 4,  Zoe (the only brindle) age 3, Loki (who lives up to his name) age 18 months, and Ella age 5 months.

For more information regarding our dogs, visit Our Dogs page.

Susan J. Sparks
HawksLairs Bullies, AKC Breeder of Merit